Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Tribe by Sebastian Junger: Book Club Meeting Summary from 10/25/17

This morning the ECV PD Book Club had an excellent discussion about the ideas Sebastian Junger raises in his book: Tribe. Some of the main points we discussed were:

  • We feel disconnected from our students and each other.
  • What do we do/have that shows we are part of the same tribe here at ECV?
  • Lack of balance in our lives and how people use technology is contributing to this feeling of disconnection.
  • Work is stressful--we have many demands on our time and attention. It's easy to become isolated when everyone is so busy.
  • We want a community where everyone knows they are valued and needed, but we are guarded, and that keeps us from fully trusting each other.
  • The book discusses the unification that happens in communities in the wake of disasters (natural and man-made).
  • We don't want to have a traumatic event, but we do want to build more community--especially among our staff members.
  • Our school used to have more get-togethers, and that helped build trust and community. We have gotten away from that. We should strive to get together more--outside of work--and just get to know each other better. This is an important step toward showing each other that we are on the same side--we are part of the same tribe.
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